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Retro Minute Recommends: The Retro Hour Podcast

I’m sure if you’ve been into anything retro, you’re already very much aware of Dan Wood, Ravi Abbott, Joe Fox and Paul Kitching. Shamefully, I’ve been very much behind with the Retro Hour, and have basically been hammering through episodes over the past couple of weeks, desperately trying to catch up!

Each week, Dan and Ravi (sometimes Joe) will talk for around 30 minutes about the latest in Retro gaming and computing news, before then throwing the show over to an interview with a respectable guest from the industry. The guests are always very well chosen, and are always a fantastic listen. You will find yourself learning more about so many classic systems, insider information about the biggest companies of the past, learn stories from the biggest names in retro gaming and computing and if they have anything to say about it, you’ll be an Amiga user before you know it.

As a fellow brit, it’s fantastic to learn about the companies that I grew up with, but there are also a plethora of international guests, to keep you afloat with all the best history and stories from overseas.

Catchup with the retro hour every Friday, following the links below.




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